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Care Dental Tidworth
Care Dental Tidworth 

With thousands of brits now having some form of teeth whitening, the whiter smile seems to be growing. But with so many options available, which ones are safe?




Here at Care Dental Tidworth, we offer two different systems for teeth whitening that will give you the whiter, brighter smile.

1. Enlighten

2. Pola day/night

Speak to your dentist to see which product would be suitable for you.




Enlighten Evolution whitening is a combination treatment which involves a 2 week home treatment with different gels, followed by a 40 minute with your dentist.

This process works by increasing the tooths permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules.


Facts about Enlighten

  • Can whiten up to 16 shades. results vary but if used correctly teeth will whiten dramatically.
  • it is completely safe. Enlightn whitening use materials that have been used in dentistry for over 100 years.
  • you may get sensitivity but this can he helped using the de-sensitizing strips supplied by your dentist.
  • Trays are thin and comfortable and are for night time use.
  • guarenteed results.

Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening in the world. It is the only one that guarees a VITA shade of B1 for everyone and has a 98% success rate.



Pola Whitening


We have been using Pola whitening for a long time in the practice and have achieved excellent results. Its is usually a 2-3 week home whitening system depending on the original tooth colour.

The large choice of concentrations enables the treatment of a wide range.


Poladay    6% hydrogen peroxide               30mins once or twice a day OR 60mins once a day

Polanight 10% carbamide peroxide            between 2hrs and overnight  

                16% carbamide peroxide            between 90mins and overnight











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