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Care Dental Tidworth
Care Dental Tidworth 

ABB (Align, Bleach and Bond) treatment


Align, Bleach and Bond is the latest and most conservative way of getting an amazing smile makeover.


In previous years patients would have opted to have veneers to achieve a great smile which would have meant filing the teeth back and the veneers fitted, while this may sometimes be necessary, ABB is the option for most people.




Alignment is carried out with 2 possible options:

  • a removable brace (Invisalign or Clearsmile Aligners)
  • Fixed braces (metal or porcelain)


Bleaching (whitening)


Bleaching is then done near the end of the straightening treatment or shortly after. Please visit our teeth whitening page for the treatments we offer.




Once the alignment and bleaching treatments are complete (around 12 weeks) the edges are built up with composite bonding material to give an amzing outline.


Benefits of ABB treatment:


  • Low risk, high reward
  • Perfects the bite and the positioning of natural teeth
  • Improves appearance and overall aesthetics
  • Non invasive treatment that preserves tooth structure
  • Affordable cosmetic dental treatment






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